Breathe new life into Tony Hawk's American Wasteland on PC with reTHAWed
A comprehensive mod that injects the game with a massive dose of fresh content and long-awaited fixes.

Shred with a legendary roster of skaters, including those previously cut from the game
or those that hail from other Tony Hawk's Pro Skater titles.

reTHAWed doesn't just expand your skater selection
it lets you customize them further than ever with a wealth of new clothing, hats, and deck options.

Experience classic levels from across the Tony Hawk's franchise
all while battling your friends online thanks to the mods restored and improved multiplayer functionality.

On top of that, reTHAWed tackles lingering bugs in the original game,
introduces a custom launcher for ease of use, and even throws in widescreen support
and adjustable physics for a fine-tuned skateboarding experience.

With frequent updates adding even more content
reTHAWed is the ultimate way to revisit and revitalize Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

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Zedek the Plague Doctor
(Engine Decimator)

(Development Guru)

(Gameplay Connoisseur)

(3-Dimensional Artist)

(Skater Fashonista)

(Mike Hawk's Pro Stater)

(UI Picasso)

Iron Hawk
(Birb Brain Mapper)

(Technical Brainiac)

previous developers

(Character Stylist)

contributors & special thanks

(Soundtrack Master)

(HD Art for C-A-S Decks)


(GH Guitar Backpack Models)

Casey Mongillo
(Female C-A-S Voice Acting)

(Complete Rewrite of Input/Output System & Bug Fixes)

(Font Converter Tool)

(THUG1 Soundtrack Porting, Characters)

(Chopper Drop Port)

(CAP Surgeon)


pB paige
(Clan Logos)
An Installation of the Original Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Game is REQUIRED to install this mod.
latest version -
released 07/17/2024 // approximate unpacked size 1.42 GB

‍If your Antivirus flags the Mods Installer/Updater as a Virus
Please note that if you have downloaded it from this website (, it is a false positive.
This happens most likely due to how these programs access the internet to download the necessary files.

required redistributable(s)


What is Boombox?
Boombox is a Music Pack Tool designed for use in reTHAWed,
this tool can aide in swift and easy compiling of a Music Pack QB file without the need of learning how to Script or using Queenbee.

music packs

A repository of Neversoft based game music packs for reTHAWed.

suggestions for reTHAWed content!

We are always open arms to suggestions on things to add and stuff to improve with the mod!
Submit your thoughts to this Google Form Page!

modding reTHAWed

Got some awesome characters ported to THAW ready to be publically posted?
or are you looking for cool mods and characters to mess around with?
visit the Tony Hawk's: American Wasteland Nexus Mods Page!